Chapter 2 – Romantic meeting

The sound of the liftoff of the flight drums into their ears. They both happily made comfortable in their seats and they eagerly waiting and watching outside of the window for their life goal of world tour journey.

Pranav started the conversation to his future better half to know about her expectation of their journey. Trika was totally excited and enthusiastic of her journey.

Trika and Pranav. They both started to like each other at their first meeting. They made a better meaning for love at first sight. They were not confident that their meet would change into life long journey. Pranav was a smart, humble and charming man who would always like to move with the positive can do attitude.

The young couple started to discuss their first destination and thought of go for a walk. The lovers move over the flight piolet area as the piolet was their friends.

Ravin who was little, stout and smiling man was the leading head in that flight and close friend of Pranav. Ravin and Pranav were school mates and the old school close friends started to discuss about their old memories.

Trika moved and noticed the control panels in that area eagerly as she was first to view that from close that too in mid air.

Suddenly strange things begin to happen

compass becomes malfunctioning

They see the lights over the clouds

The air was rough than usual

The experience piolet began in the confusion stage

The fireball fly to the sky and caught down the flight

The douglas dakota dc-3 carried 26 people disappered 50 miles from their journey.

Let’s see in the chapter what happened to them?

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Chapter 1 – Morning Sunshine 

The sunshine’s glance glares by the reflection of the glass in the aerodrome. The digital voice in the airport makes the announcement of the arrival of next aeroplane. Pranav listens to the announcement by the notification flashes before his eyes. He switches off his music mode and grabs his things for the flight travel. He looks his mobile frequently and his eyes wandered for someone in that airport. His mobile watch showed him 8:55 AM and his calendar dated October 28, 2018.

The digital announcement conveys the news that the flight will leave the airport within 15 mins. The Pranav got furious and his forehead gets to shrink of his tension. Suddenly his face and his skin started to glow on seeing his future partner, his romantic lover Thrika.

Pranav and Thrika were best friends and their affection for each other slowly changed into love for life. Thrika meets Pranav in one of her favourite trekking clubs. They both had the mutual love of travelling around the world. Their passion and their love made them the best pair in the world.

After get to convince for their marriage from their parents they both decided to wander around the world to fulfil their dream of travelling around the world, with their romantic partner. The journey to the world all begins with time and date. But they are really unaware of their exact journey? Let’s wait and watch.


One fine day in the aerodrome, the sun rays glares the eyes of our hero Pranav. He and his lover Thrika, both decided to travel around the world for the romantic journey. When they are in their romantic dreams surrounded by beautiful white clouds in the Airbus-A300 flight. They started to hear the sound of broken engines and flight parts. These both couples after get to know their current situation, in the panic, they started to worry about each other. It feels them like they are travelling inside the time loop which makes them dizzy. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in the mysterious city which dated them to entered into the year of 2048. The story rounds around the mysterious city and technical advancement in 2048. Why they reached there? Are they back to their year.? What happens to them finally? In this story, you may found yourself in the most fictional scientific world which makes you travel around 30 years later. I welcome you all to the time travel of 2048. Your journey starts now…